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Bookstagrammers, BookTubers, Book Bloggers, Oh, My!

Thanks to Blues Harp Green, I have been happily thrown into this amazing world of readers. I mean, who knew? There are people en masse devouring books daily, taking gorgeous photos of them, honoring them, BookTubing about them, quoting from them, praising them, critiquing them, and enjoying a fabulous community of friends around the world who share their passion. I am mesmerized and inspired and even really getting into the Bookstagram thing! (@nicoleschubertwrites) And if you read to the bottom you'll see just how inspired I am. Shhh.

I've made this discovery about the book community in working with my friend and publisher Jacqui Worthing (Earnest Parc Press... super indie & fabulous) in getting the book out to people. It's very trial and error but personally, I'm really drawn to connecting with readers and book lovers through social media. I'm finding out about books for myself and making friends and will probably keep focusing on this as it feels more like fun than work!

So, thanks to the beginning of throwing spaghetti to the wall to see what sticks, I've connected with a few bloggers and bookstagrammers and wanted to give a shout out for their reviews. I'm still at the start of the BookTuber crowd so that shout out will come later. Check out these book lovers' bookstagrams and blogs for great recommends, reviews and cool photos! I know, I do.

The first shout out goes to book blogger Katherine Williams at Katherine's Book Reviews. She read BHG for Reader's Favorite, where I submitted for their book awards. The review is the first part of the process. You can read her review at Readers' Favorite or on her blog(see previous link). Katherine gave BHG a Readers' Favorite 5 stars! Woot! Woot! So it gets a cute shiny seal from Readers' Favorite to put on the cover. I'm working on that and am super excited :) Bookstagram: @kwbookreviews

Next, shout out goes to book blogger Joanne Sim at YA Guitarist which is her blog and you can read her review of BHG there. I met Joanne through a YA reading group on Goodreads. I signed up for her blog posts and am loving the reviews with awesome leads! Also, I just adore the name!

Bookstagram: @yaguitarist

Third shout out is for Chelsea Girard at Biblio Beauty book reviews (where you can read her BHG review). Chelsea's from Canada but we met on Instagram! I just love that and I love following her daily posts. Always interesting thoughts, cute photos and lots of book love! :)

Bookstagram: @bibliobeautybooks

Okay, so the secret at the end of this post, like The Monster At the End of This Book (anyone read that Sesame Street wonder? I did thanks to fab TV writer Alessia Costantini) which I maybe shouldn't say, but I'm so new to this, that I can't help blab, is that my next book has a main character who is a bookstagrammer and a "secret" booktuber...because I really am so in love with this world. You'll have to read the book to find out the secret part, and gosh, I'll have to write it first! Onward!

xox nic

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