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Who Is Hertha Hedwig? And What the Heck Are Coloring-Meditation Books?

So, I want to the Readers' Favorite Book Awards in Miami in November and heard about the craze for coloring books for grownups as a way to relax and get creative and as a form of meditation. And I thought: I meditate. I like to draw. I have a million ideas for coloring books. And I have a fun, new take on them. Hence, this new coloring-meditation book endeavor was born (under my coloring-book pen name Hertha Hedwig). And last week, the first book came out: HAPPY MAMA 1, 2, 3 COLORING MEDITATIONS 1.

So far so good! HAPPY MAMA has been a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon and on the Bestseller list at #27, ahead of Deepak Chopra for a moment!

Most importantly, fabulous mamas are loving it! One mama already colored one of the pages and left a wonderful review...

The book has 22 playful illustrations hand drawn by Hertha Hedwig (me) and easy, mom-empowering questions to meditate on while coloring. They can be thoughtful fun gifts for moms you know or for your mom self! :)

And who is Hertha Hedwig? It's me using my wonderful grandma's name! I just love the sound of it and it's quite fun to be someone else sometimes. It is a bit old-fashioned but I kind of like that. And hey, there's Academy Award-nominated film director Gerta Gerwig...with a name that sounds the same! Although, I think that's her real name, right?

Next up for Hertha Hedwig is another coloring-meditation book called HAPPY BALANCE IRL that will be a Hertha Hedwig #10minutes4me Challenge book. The #10minutes4me Challenge will be a challenge to get off your devices and away from your To-Do list to meditate on inspiring questions and color for ten minutes a day. Hopefully, the first book will be out in a few weeks.

I'm starting a mailing list for Hertha Hedwig and you can sign up below if you want to find out about new releases (there will be more Happy Mama books too!).

And after Hertha creates a few more of these, I will get back to the next YA book :)

Have a wonderful day xox

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