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New Teen Carpool series!

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Readers' Favorite

A sweet, funny holiday romance full of love, friendship and family that'll leave you smiling. Available in paperback, eBook and audiobook! In the UK, click these: UK paperback, UK eBook   and UK audiobook! Bloggers and readers/listeners -- message/contact us for review copies! We'd love to have you read!


Shy, creative high school junior Quinn Hughes has always been happy following in her bubbly, brilliant older sister Cricket’s footsteps in everything from speech and track to AP classes, dance committees and carpool. But this year, Cricket's at college and Quinn’s joyful life is falling apart. She can’t seem to shine without her helicopter sister leading the way. By Thanksgiving, Quinn is friendless, has an F in history, tanked the Varsity speech tournament, and fell asleep at a stoplight after an all-night study session, putting her driving privileges on probation. Worst of all, Quinn’s given up on herself and is quitting Winter Formal design committee, the one activity where she truly shines on her own merit.


Quinn’s parents are anything but happy and threaten a family “intervention" vacation to Cancun over winter break to get Quinn back on track. But that would ruin older sister Cricket’s winter ski trip with friends, so she plots to fix Quinn’s life from college, secretly hiring oddball neighbor Jesse Winer to be Quinn’s friend and winter-season wingman. Jesse's mission: Get Quinn to succeed at being holiday awesome—and to come out of her room—before the Cancun intervention becomes unavoidable. Jesse is a sweet, goofy, romantic wanna-be symphony conductor who’s secretly obsessed with composing a melodic waltz inspired by his crush—Quinn. So, he jumps at Cricket's offer.

And it works! Quinn and Jesse's friendship blooms, and Quinn steps into her own. She designs the utterly fabulous winter-formal dance and enjoys Christmas-season fun just like every other year. But when Quinn finds out Cricket paid Jesse to be her friend, it's any elf's guess if Quinn will be brave enough to keep sparkling and find Christmas love where she least expects it.


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Carpool to Christmas

A Teen Carpool Holiday Romance now available on Kindle Vella to read as an episodic story. 


Bubbly college freshman Cricket can't wait for her winter ski trip with friends. But when her shy, creative little sister Quinn starts failing at everything in high school, their parents threaten to make them go to Cancun for Christmas. Cricket panics and plots to fix Quinn from her dorm, secretly hiring oddball neighbor Jesse to be Quinn's winter-season wingman. Jesse gets Quinn to be holiday awesome, design her Winter Formal and enjoy holiday fun, but when Quinn learns Jesse was paid to be her friend, it's any elf's guess if Christmas love will fly.


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