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Teen Carpool series book 2 now on Kindle Vella! Book drops in August!


A sweet teen romantic comedy about being your best self, being a best friend and finding the best boyfriend for you. Available now on Kindle Vella as an episodic story. Paperback & ebook drop in August. Audiobook in September. 


Meet Beatrix Plumb. 16. Smart. Budding idealist, full-fledged romantic, chronic self-doubter and divinely equipped to have a regular junior year. But Bee’s on the outs, wavering between invisible and miserable because her best friend Kate (16, budding Jungian analyst) now has a serious boyfriend and Bee realizes she has nothing. Hopeful dreamer that she is, Bee takes control of her life with a personal Junior Year Manifesto: 1) Be awesome enough to like herself and her life; and 2) Get Owen to notice her. Owen's the high school quarterback she's been in love with since kindergarten.  


But when Bee tries to give Owen a carpool ride and inadvertently causes an accident landing him in a full body cast, unable to speak, she pretends to be his girlfriend to save his rep (he’s secretly dating the cross-town rival head cheerleader, Jade) and help the team get to the State Championship. Things get complicated when real girlfriend Jade gets jealous and Bee falls for Owen's best friend Nick, team punter, son of the football coach, amazing song writer who totally supports Bee’s quirky passion for Appalachian flatfoot hip hop and poetry. Together Bee and Nick make awesome music and have fun, but Nick thinks Bee's Owen's girl. Finally, the jig is up when Owen comes to and Bee has to find the courage to undo this mess without letting Nick and herself down.    

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