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Love is beauty is a kaleidoscope of joy. Some days are

just weird, but that's okay.


Meet Saoirse Berger, newly eighteen, hopeful-romantic overachiever, waiting impatiently for life to begin. She has an internship with her famous film director uncle, a hit BookTube channel with her actress cousin Sadie and is fully determined to get her world on track as a true adult, complete with happiness and sparkly love in spades. But nothing’s going to plan. She applied to all the wrong colleges, is the only one of her friends still single and is majorly crushing on 23-year-old cinema genius Leo Landis, even though he may or may not be breaking up with his girlfriend and may or may not even notice her.


But Saoirse's not giving up. She steels herself with hyper-romantic hope and sets out to be her best positive self, which works fabulously until it doesn't and things get complicated. Luckily, life turns in Saoirse's favor as her Hollywood family spins out of control and a sweet, equally quirky street artist, Hector Rojas, spots her magical sparkle and inspires her to see things from a kaleidoscope of angles, even her own beautiful self. 


Uniquely charming in a Bridget Jones's Diary way with a Cyrano de Bergerac twist, Saoirse Berger takes us on an 18-year-old's hilariously painful journey through love, self-doubt, rejection and the search for belonging as a new adult, ultimately discovering she's already right where she's supposed to be.

Now on audiobook at Amazon, Audible, iTunes.


                 2021 Readers' Favorite Award Winner, Young Adult Romance

 "Honest, earnest and (im)perfectly loveable! Schubert has the uncanny ability to teleport us into the hearts and minds of young adults, effortlessly capturing the ethos of adolescent angst with all its quirks."   -- Alessia Costantini, writer/co-executive producer MACGYVER, CBS, Netflix

"I read the last page first, and it made me cry." -- Jenny Zepp, songwriter, producer, Westside Indie, Mercy Jones


"The way Saoirse thinks and deals with her own thoughts and emotions is SO RELATABLE "  -- Sarah Samuel, author Heavy with Water and Music


silver-flat-web Readers Favorite SB 2021.png
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Surprise! New green cover.

Surprise! New green cover.

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