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Teen Carpool series book 2 now on Kindle Vella! Book drops in August!


A sweet teen romantic comedy about being your best self, being a best friend and finding the best boyfriend for you. Available now on Kindle Vella as an episodic story. Paperback & ebook drop in August. Audiobook in September. Meet Beatrix Plumb. 16. Smart. Budding idealist, full-fledged romantic, chronic self-doubter and divinely equipped to have a regular junior year. But Bee’s on the outs, wavering between invisible and miserable because her best friend Kate (16, budding Jungian analyst) now has a serious boyfriend and Bee realizes she has nothing. Hopeful dreamer that she is, Bee takes control of her life with a personal Junior Year Manifesto: 1) Be awesome enough to like herself and her life; and 2) Get Owen to notice her. Owen's the high school quarterback she's been in love with since kindergarten.  


But when Bee tries to give Owen a carpool ride and inadvertently causes an accident landing him in a full body cast, unable to speak, she pretends to be his girlfriend to save his rep (he’s secretly dating the cross-town rival head cheerleader, Jade) and help the team get to the State Championship. Things get complicated when real girlfriend Jade gets jealous and Bee falls for Owen's best friend Nick, team punter, son of the football coach, amazing song writer who totally supports Bee’s quirky passion for Appalachian flatfoot hip hop and poetry. Together Bee and Nick make awesome music and have fun, but Nick thinks Bee's Owen's girl. Finally, the jig is up when Owen comes to and Bee has to find the courage to undo this mess without letting Nick and herself down.    

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Teen Carpool series book 1

Readers' Favorite

A sweet, funny holiday romance full of love, friendship and family that'll leave you smiling. Get paperback, eBook and audiobook!  UK paperback, UK eBook and UK audiobook! Bloggers & readers/listeners --  contact us for review copies! We'd love you to  read! Also on Kindle Vella as an episodic story.

Bubbly college freshman Cricket can't wait for her winter ski trip with friends. But when shy lil-sis Quinn starts failing high school, their parents threaten Cancun for Christmas. Cricket panics and plots to fix Quinn from her dorm, secretly hiring oddball neighbor Jesse to be Quinn's winter-season wingman. Jesse gets Quinn to be holiday awesome, design her Winter Formal and enjoy Noel fun, but when Quinn learns Jesse was paid to be her friend, it's any elf's guess if Christmas love will fly.

A Love Beats Time Thriller

Available in paperback, eBook and audiobook!

Emmeline McGuire vanished 30 years ago in a small upstate NY lake town, just as Clara Aiello was born in Paris. Now Clara's a designer in NYC, married to gaming-entrepreneur Seamus Dunne, in love and happy, until her third miscarriage. Unable to carry a baby, Clara seeks respite at the Dunne family home upstate and becomes obsessed with a haunted red-haired girl. Will Clara uncover Emmeline's past in time to save her baby and marriage? Or is Seamus and her love for him what she should fear most?

Also on Kindle Vella to read as an episodic story.


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Now on audiobook! Amazon, Audible, iTunes.

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2021 Readers' Favorite Book Award, Young Adult Romance

"Honest, earnest and (im)perfectly loveable!"

-- Alessia Costantini, writer/co-executive producer 

   MACGYVER, CBS, Netflix

Meet Saoirse Berger, newly eighteen, hopeful-romantic overachiever, waiting impatiently for life to begin. She has an internship with her famous film director uncle, a hit BookTube channel with her actress cousin Sadie and is fully determined to get her world on track as a true adult, complete with happiness and sparkly love in spades. But nothing’s going to plan. She applied to all the wrong colleges, is the only one of her friends still single and is majorly crushing on 23-year-old cinema genius Leo Landis, even though he may or may not be breaking up with his girlfriend and may or may not even notice her.


But Saoirse's not giving up. She steels herself with hyper-romantic hope and sets out to be her best positive self, which works fabulously until it doesn't and things get complicated. Luckily, life turns in Saoirse's favor as her Hollywood family spins out of control and a sweet, equally quirky street artist, Hector Rojas, spots her magical sparkle and inspires her to see things from a kaleidoscope of angles, even her own beautiful self. 

Deadly Assistant

When wellness guru Dr. Lauren Birch dies suddenly at her wellness center, evidence suggests that Lauren's son, a relapsing addict, may have poisoned her with a rare drug.

Watch Nicole's thriller movie on Amazon Prime! Starring Jeannette Sousa, Breanna Hill, Keenan Tracey, Philip Boyd, Houston Rhines. Written by Nicole Schubert and Blaine Chiappetta. 

Here's the trailer.


2017 Independent Publisher Book Award, Young Adult Fiction eBook 

2017 Readers' Favorite Book Award, Young Adult Social Issues

When Francie met Chet, her poetic memory danced. 

Award-winning YA contemporary novel about growing up, dealing with anxiety and family alcoholism and finding hope in imperfection. To read or listen, click here. Also for iTunes: click here.

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